Heroes of Blackthorne Keep

Lost and Found

Evan is finally captured and returned after solving the mystery of the Seasprite

Fireseek 16th, CY 619: With the Agents of Blackthorne back upon the Crushing Wave they waste no time and set sail for The city of Greyhawk in hopes to return the run away Evan Whitemantle to his father Edmond. While upon the sea for a few days they notice, first of all that the drow priestess is trailing them in Evan’s ship, and secondly they notice a glimmering ship at sea what moves at incredible speeds appearing in completely different spot with each day. With their first priority of returning Evan to his father and escaping from the pursuing drow they are hesitant to investigate the mysterious ship at sea.

After a few days the notice the mysterious shimmering ship letting off a thick black smoke. When called to a vote there are those that oppose but others, the majority, insist on investigating. The next day they awake to an overcast day and their boat is surrounded by a magically thick wall of mist. Before to long they find two boats sitting in the calm eerie water side by side. Leaving Evan aboard the ship with the Forest spirit Garlehe to watch him, the adventurers investigate the boats. They quickly that these boats are; one the ship that was following them, and the other the glimmering ship which had at one time been letting off a black smoke. They decide to at first investigate the drow’s ship.

While upon the Drow’s boat, Edryc, Caranthir, Sage, and the small gnome sabotage the ships weapons and search below deck. They discover the boat is completely abandoned of life, and stumble across a body who had apparently slit his own throat, is the strange silence and eerie situation driving people insane? WHile below deck the only items of importance that they find are a book on the goddess Lolth, a brief history on the Flinty Hills, and a Cloak of the Arachnid. Next the team decides to investigate What they have learned is called the Seasprite with Canteus and Eltharian staying above deck to serve as lookouts.

After entering the hull of the Seasprite the Heroes are surprised to find a large Victorian style mansion instead of the expected cramped wooden corridors of most ships. It is immediately obvious that there is an extremely powerful magic at work in this legendary ship. While the adventurers are exploring the many different rooms of this ship they discover that Evan has at some point escaped and Garlehe claims that they themselves had given him the order to send him across to the other boat. Now forced to explore the ship in hopes of finding Evan the adventurers continue deeper into the Seasprite. In some other rooms they find a vibrant and animal filled jungle, a crystal palace with mechanical golems, and a Gothic temple devoted to the ancient god of projection Proicere. There is a disturbing human sacrifice on the altar at the front, and the Heroes are forced to fight off illusion Gargoyles.

Finally the Heroes find the captains quarters where that Mysterious Drow Cleric is standing over the the dying form of the legendary Captain Chuck (Lone-wolf) Mcquade (whom has been believed to be dead for years). They are able to dispatch the Drow’s allies however she gets away through unknown magical means. While attempting to find the Evil Priestess and heal the sick captain they learn that the Drow’s boat is getting away with Evan aboard it. With all hopes dashed of getting Evan the adventurers ask Captain Mcquade if he might be able to intervene and catch Evan in his ship, He instantly agrees instantly, owing them his life.

Within the hour the Drow’s boat is sunk, and they once more have Evan in their custody unfortunately the Drow has once more made a narrow escape again, leaving them wondering just how long they will have to watch their backs. Captain Lone-Wolf Mcquade agrees to take them back to Greyhawk. Paetor “Peter” Ubersprecht Decides to stay aboard the ship, knowing that upon this ship he will be happy and be able to serve a god he can truly believe in Proicere. The Captain leaves the adventurers with a Crystal ball of true seeing, and The Deck of Wizardry as repayment for their hardwork and promises that should there paths ever cross again it will be cause for great celebration.

With the Heroes mission successful the question on their mind is whats next? Where will the road lead them next? was that the last of the Priestess of Lolth or will they confront her again? What was Evan’s roll if anything in the grand scheme of things? Just how deeply do the plots and scheming of the bandit kingdom go? And what had become of the silent Lords of Blackthorne Keep?


Feel free to comment or change anything that I might have left out that you feel was important.

Lost and Found

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