Heroes of Blackthorne Keep

The Giant Falls

Fireseek 8th, CY 619 p. Amongst the slain rangers our heroes find a surviving woodsman, whom they stabilize but are forced to bind and gag him in order to maintain their cover as evil mercenaries. They return to the camp safely delivering the corpses and before they are able to work out a plan to safely extract the helpless woodsman he is taken by one of the lieutenants for questioning. Luckily Caranthir Feralas is able to save the woodsman, however how he does it without raising any suspicion is unknown. The Agents of Blackthorne, being tipped of by Their contact Caranthir know that Evan plans to leave the camp that night with a mysterious elven lady who has come into the encampment under protection of a massive ogre. They are forced to act quickly and hastily hatch a plan to extradite him that night during a game of gambling, however the Elven lady and her bodyguard tag along when invited by Paetor, however there is reason to believe she would have invited herself if no formal invitation was ever extended to her.

fifteen minutes into the card game, the Mysterious elven lady becomes suspicious of the adventurers intentions and attempts to break up the game. Next, chaos ensues. The heroes spring into action, against the giant ogre, a formidable fighter and the elven lady. Instantly her mask is dropped and instead of a regular elven lady, there is a Drow decked out in heavy armor, apparently a cleric of some sort. In the chaos Sage the monk is able to escape the scene with their target, Evan. The Heroes continue to fight on in the tent fighting for their lives. The tables are turned on them when the ogre lifts his massive club and brings it down with thunderous force, nearly crippling the valiant Edryc with one blow. With the tables slowly turning on the heroes but their objective complete, Caranthir casts a globe of invisibility and orders a full retreat. A certain mage is left behind in the confusion and Caranthir is forced to double back to save her, taking two bone crushing blows form the ogre in order to save her life, Carnathir barely escapes with his life.

The heroes with just a few minutes head start take off into the forest making their way for the Naerie the city in which their boat the Crushing Wave is awaiting them for a quick escape. They run for four day with on less then four hours of sleep, when it becomes apparent that a certain ogre and a couple of fighter are just on their heels. Quickly the heroes are forced to set an ambush, and once more engage the mountain of an ogre. The ogre and his comrades walk right into the Heroes trap and after a short battle, he is slain, only after he lands a powerful blows which leaves Edryc unconscious and seemingly dead. Luckily he is revived by the Cleric of Pelor and the group is able to once more leave this time taking with them a magical great sword, a small bag of holding, a ring of fire resistance 10/-, 1,800 and a Cursed helm (which was responsible for the ogres enslavement). Bringing the monstrous giant to its demise, the heroes savor a moment of victory.

Once more the heroes pick up their trail making quick time for there ship, however Lefty, a familiar, of the group returns giving them dire news that a man made of stone and metal and 5 shadowy panther like creatures with tentacles sprouting from their backs are close on their heels. There will be no rest for these exhausted heroes.

What is to come of Evan? Will they escape the pursuing monsters? What is Evan’s importance to the Bandit Kingdoms? Can they escape the magical power of the pursuing cleric? What is the Drows connection, if any, to the bandit Kingdom?



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