Heroes of Blackthorne Keep

The World Shaper Lives!

Fireseek 24th, CY 619: After their adventure upon the Seasprite, there is a successful assassination attempt on Eric Dreiton. Fortunately the heroes are able to slay the assassin and after pawning a few magical items are able to afford a resurrection for their fallen comrade. Still intent on investigating the problems in the north, the heroes set out to investigate the Wild Magic in the Barbarian lands to the north east.

Readying 13th, CY 619: After infiltrating an Ice Barbarian encampment the Agents of Blackthorne kidnap a drow sorceress, wearing the disguise of a barbarian shaman. In the event Edryc Leafcrowne is gravely injured and receives a vicious scar. After narrowly escaping with her they return to the dragon lair only to find it empty except for a tall golden eyed elven man who the recognize as the gold dragon. After bestowing his gifts to the adventurers he sets off leaving them behind, as they have a war of their own to fight. Left in the ice cave with their drow prisoner, they are left to interrogate her and find out once and for all what stakes the drow have in this scheme, and what connection (if any) is there between Cyric and Atlas Sephran?

Now bestowed with their new gifts from the dragon’s the heroes must decide what role they will play in the coming war. With a drow captive they have an opportunity for knowledge of the scheming drow and their involvement in this quickly growing plan of Cyric and Atlas which seems it might finally be coming to fruition. Still with no contact from the Heroes of Blackthorne our adventurers are on their own and must decide their next move.

GM Hint: you might want to think of some creative and effective ways to extract information from a strong willed drow, because something like that is not easy



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