Edmond Whitemantle

An older distinguished gentleman, who only wants the best for his family.


Height: 5’10”, Weight: 215, Apparent Age: 57, Hair: Gray, Eyes: Blue

Other then his apparent success and subtle charisma, not much is known about Edmond’s physical capabilities, however his age and size do not suggest much.


He is a very successful business man who has made most of his money as a warship designer for Greyhawk. Hey is a family man, who was very close to his sons. When he received word of his older son, Efran’s death, he was heartbroken. He is now worried about is son Evan, whom has recently been miraculously cured from his insanity, and has now fled. Edmond fears that his youngest and last son has gotten mixed up in something vile and treacherous.

With his youngest son Evan returned Edmond his grateful and show his gratitude through his exceptional wealth. Indebted to these Heroes of Blackthorne he will answer any call for aide from them so long as he can. What he will do with his ungratefull and seemingly evil son, Evan, is still unknown.

Edmond Whitemantle

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