Evan Whitemantle

... Is up to no good


Height: 5’11”, Weight: 155, Apparent Age: 28, Hair: Light Brown, Eyes: Brown

He is a handsome dark haired man in his late twenties. Although his actions are selfish and immature, there is a keen intelligence in his eyes which might cause one to rethink him as an easy target.


Driven insane by a magical communication which went drastically wrong, Evan was stuck in a state of torment, pain, and insanity for the past five years. It is assumed that he was communicating with Cyric when things went wrong, however what they were discussing and why they were talking is still a mystery. Recently Evan has recovered from his insanity when his mind was restored by the Rod of Communication. It is known that he has fled the city of Greyhawk and headed south across the Azure sea to Rievwood, where it is assumed he is once more working for the mysterious Cyric. Whether his insanity his changed him permanently or not has yet to be revealed. Recently he has been captured by the adventurers as they attempt to bring him back to his father, what lies ahead in his future is most certainly either reform or imprisonment.

After his escape in the confusion at the Seasprite, Evan once more tried to get away but was quickly caught and his ship destroyed when Captain Lone-wolf Mcquade blew them out of the water with the furry of the Seasprite. Evan’s connection to Cyric is still unknown, and how we ale to get off the boat is still unknown.

Evan Whitemantle

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