Caranthir Feralas

A quick witted mysterious elf


Height: 5’7”, Weight: 135, Apparent age: 100, Hair: blonde, Eyes: blue.

Caranthir is tall for an elf and as most of his kind is exceptionally limber and graceful. He rarely uses the guise of his true appearance, opting to us magical spells to hide his true identity.

Caranthir is an accomplished infiltrator, diplomat, detective, and Wizard.


He is a mysterious fellow who is close friends with Edmond Whitemantle. He works closely together with the human serving as an advisor and more importantly a private detective. Ever since Lord Whitemantle’s sons have been children, Caranthir has been the invisible eye watching over them and keeping them out of harms way. Hey is currently posing as a mercenary, unknown to Evan, and working on bringing him back to Greyhawk. However it has become apparent that Evan no longer wants anything to do with his old life. Making Caranthir’s job much more difficult then previously foreseen. He is secretly feeding information to the adventurers hoping that together they might persuade Evan back home or at the very least prevent him from soiling his father’s name with any bad actions.

Caranthir has proved to be of great help to the adventurers in their quest, and they have formed a professional friendship. Amongst the group of adventurers he seems to have most things in common with the Elven archer Eltharian Mionstaciailo. While Caranthir’s loyalties remain with his good and long time friend, Edmond, Caranthir will undoubtedly answer a call for aide from his friends of Blackthorne Keep.

Caranthir Feralas

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