Mysterious Drow Cleric

is one dead bitch


Besides the fact that she prefers to wear illusional disguises, this mysterious Drow tends to have a typical appearance. She has long white hair, blood red eyes and the trademark ebony skin. When disguised she tends to wear the form of an elven sorceress, causing many opponents to underestimate her physical prowess.

When not disguised she is very obviously a priestess of Lolth.


Nothing is known about this mysterious individual besides the fact that she was to travel north, with Evan Whitemantle. What her motivations are and who she works on behalf of are still unknown.

After the Heroes escape with Evan, She tracked them down in Evan’s boat which was also created by Edmond Whitemantle. Through magical means she was able to increase the boats speed at sea and very slowly began to gain on the Crushing Wave.

After the events upon the Seasprite it seemed she had finally managed to escape with Evan, however Captain Lone-Wolf Mcquade turned those tables when he blew her and Evan’s ship out of the water. She was able to escape through unknown magical means. There is almost no doubt that this Priestess of Lolth will show up again. Still little is known about her, except that she has some deep interest in Evan, and some dark hatred for the Agents of Blackthorne.

Recently she was slain by the agents of Blackthorne, when she attempted to ambush and kill them, however a certain phoenix turned the tide, and she ended up on the losing side.

Mysterious Drow Cleric

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