Agents of Blackthorne

A group of ambitious adventurers who met in Elredd one warm Summer night. after responding to a summons from a Mysterious Elven lady they found themselves in the service of The Lords of Blackthorne Keep. Now working as agents from This keep they travel the lands looking to unravel evil wherever they may find it.

The Agents: Garlehe a divinely gifted spirit of the Forest. Edryc Leafcrowne A deadly melee specialist. Eric Dreiton while not actually an agent, he does work closely with them in order to redeem his past actions. Sage Redcrest A quiet master of the martial arts. Canteus “The Glorious” The moral compass and devout priest of Pelor. Eltharian Mionstaciailo A Elven marksman of exceptional skill with magical aptitude.

From left to Right: Garlehe, Canteus “The Glorious”, Sage Redcrest, Edryc Leafcrowne

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Agents of Blackthorne

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