Atlas Sephran

A lich, he was at one time the first cartographer and map maker for the world. He was extremely wealthy, and in his time an extremely powerful arcane master. He is thought to be buried in his tomb in the Pomarj. In actuality he was imprisoned by the gods, chained and bound because he threatened to tear down the heavens with his discoveries and powers. He was imprisoned in a hell-like dimension in which he was watched over by the ancient earth dragon. It was the dragons punishment to serve as the jailor in this realm and Atlas punishment is to suffer those torments for eternity.

Before his eternal punishment, he was sought a rank amongst the gods, but in doing so offended them and called upon their wrath. In his life he also waged war against the dragons fearing that they were the only creatures which could contend with his might.

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Atlas Sephran

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