The Lords of Blackthorne Keep

Close to twenty years ago, a group of ambitious adventurers found themselves exploring The Temple of Elemental Evil. At the time they were naive and inexperienced, just seeking adventure.

Among them was Woton Thudmaker (a dwarven crossbowman), Matrim Cauthorn, Daemune Warkin’ of Clan Ironfist, Greg Twinblade, Mukara Renorfetear and Gaowyn.While still young, they were resourceful using strange and especially explosive tactics.

After their success in The Temple of Elemental Evil things only went up from there. They slew all manner of creatures: Fire Giants, Dragons, Ogres, Displacer beasts, Gnolls, Hill Giants, and Verbolg, to name a few. They quickly found themselves growing in strength, and becoming the Heroes which the kingdom desperately needed.

those years ago they Traveled under the Banner Name “Foot-paw” and they traveled through the Kingdoms of Furondy, Veluna, And along The Wild Coast. In their travels they eventually liberated the ruins of Blackthorne Keep from bandits. They rebuilt the Keep and from that day forth it served a their head quarters. To carry out good and order, and expel evil from all the lands.

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The Lords of Blackthorne Keep

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