The Seasprite Inn

As history goes this pub was named after a legendary ship called the sea sprite, a boat so swift and elegant that it was said that from a distance it looked like a sea sprite dancing across the waves. For decades now the Seasprite and its captain Captain Chuck (Lone-wolf) Mcquade have not been seen or heard from. Although called an Inn it is really just a pub with a few rooms. Once a large elegant and pricey Inn, it was converted into a pub after an Orc raid some fifteen years ago left it half burned down. In the fire most of the rooms were lost. At the time lacking the funds to rebuild, the owner an older gentleman named Richard Keelerman decided to instead just run the business as a pub. To this day the Sea Sprite Inn is a wildly popular pub which is neither to expensive or too cheap. It is one of the oldest establishments in the city and is almost always lively with song, dance, drinking, and gambling. The owner is a sort of hero and loves interacting with his guests. The few rooms that remain he does rent out for a fairly reasonable price considering the Inn’s popularity. Although a well liked Inn not many people rent out the rooms because they believe the rooms to be haunted or cursed because of some dangerous rumors and the fires which killed many of the victims of the fire. The Sea Sprite Inn is a huge two story pub with one large bar along the back wall. The bartender goes by Hugo and is a thin hard working man. Behind the bar are huge elegant bay windows overlooking the sea. on the first level most people are drinking dancing and talking, up on the second floor is gambling, card games, darts, and other similar events.

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The Seasprite Inn

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