Heroes of Blackthorne Keep

The New World Order

A year has passed now since the Agents of Blackthorne were unable to obtain the Orb of Translocation from Cyric. Without the orb The Lords of Blackthorne Keep could not defeat the ancient Lich, Atlas Sephran, and Cyric was unopposed in the war he waged against the kingdoms of Greyhawk. Over the next twelve months the world changed dramatically with most of it under Cyric’s rule only a few kingdoms and regions remain free of his outstretched influence. The Lords of Blackthorne have yet to be heard from and many have sadly assumed the worst. Todd, once known as “the barber” is the only known lord to survive, however even his life was in jeopardy when Blackthorne Keep was seized by the overwhelming forces of Cyric. Forced to flee, Blackthorne Keep and the well of life were surrendered to the enemy.

In the war between the Atlas and the dragons, it was a violent conflict that the gods intervened and stopped but not after a large portion of the dragons had been slain. Now an endangered species they have become as reclusive as ever. Because the extra dimensional war became so deadly and destructive the gods granted Atlas his wish and elevated him to god hood, in order to stop the destruction and death. (knowledge religion checks, and descriptions of what you did over the years can earn you more insight on this particular problem).

Why Cyric stopped his expansion and never took over the entire world is unknown, however there have been some speculations that he lost the orb…? or that the drow, whom he once had a truce with, have turned on him. others suggest that Atlas, now a god, has asked Cyric to stop his expansion for some mysterious purpose. Or that Cyric has found a force of such power that he has turned his attention towards that, momentarily stalling his expansion.How much truth can be found in either of the rumors is still unknown.

There are some who still oppose Cyric, (but their where abouts are completely unknown. Unless you are one of them) and many of the worlds leaders that fled their kingdoms still live on but are hidden away somewhere beyond Cyrics influence. The world while largely ruled by one man and his regime still exists without anarchy abound. Cyric while a cruel and evil man is not stupid and knows that in order for society to exist law must preside, even if the law is sometimes corruptible and evil.

So now the real question is what happened to our heros after they returned home empty handed? have they stuck together and continued the good fight against Cyric and his forces? or have they split up each seeking a separate and different life?

(if you have any specific question about the world let me know, as I did not answer all the questions I’m sure some of you might have).



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