Eric Dreiton

A Deft and Silent Killer


Height: 5’9”, Weight: 160, Apparent Age: 28, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Dark Brown

He has an athletic build, and moves fluidly in almost everything he does. He is skilled with the hand crossbow and the short sword. He chooses to fight from the shadows, and take his opponents out before they have a chance.


Once on the wrong side of the law, he changed his mind quickly when he was staring down the blade of a particularly deadly Half-elf. He was an agent of Cyric working to bring slaves north so that they might be killed and turned into brainless undead. While definitely not a good man Eric was not entirely aware of the evils he was committing by aiding Cyric’s work. Now he has taken on a tentative status as a adventurer with some agent from Blackthorne Keep. He hopes that he might one day make up for his wrong and in doing so is helping the group take down his one time mysterious leader, Cyric.

A survivalist by nature, Eric will do what ever has to do to thrive. He has showed both evil and good tendencies, preferring to act in a way which benefits himself the most. He is a very clever and skilled combatant who exploits others weakness. He clearly understands that some in the group have a hard time tolerating his presence, and because of that tries to remain in the shadows and proved his help only when called upon. He does not mingle in others personal affairs, as he expects others to stay out of his.

Recently he was captured and eventually slain by a notorious assassin, hired by the Bandit kingdom. However after some financial maneuvering his traveling companions were able to resurrect him, so that he might exact his revenge upon the one who had ordered his death. Now carrying a ring of non-detection Eric must be careful that his presence does not attract anymore unwanted attention upon those who have saved his life.

Eric Dreiton

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