Canteus "The Glorious"

Canteus is a glorious cleric of Pelor, the greatest god in the land


Str 10 Dex 12 Con 14 Int 14 Wis 18 Cha 14

Fort 8 Reflex 3 Wisdom 9

AC 21 HP 46

Wpn Heavy Mace Shield Heavy Steel Shield Armor Full Plate Mail


Born in Elred, Canteus was born into a wealthy merchant family. Never needing much growing up he lived a life of comfort in his early years. Not needing to earn money to survive his entire life he found, he enjoyed spending his life helping others. He has a very charitable heart and has always believed in doing the greatest good, even if good does not always align itself with the law. Fitting the profile of a cleric of Pelor he was quickly recruited by the head of the Order in Elred.

When the lords of Blackthorne went to Elred to recruit soldiers for liberating the Pomarj, Canteus quickly volunteered seeing an opportunity to do good. During the battle of the Pomarj Canteus was tasked with tending to the wounded. After the battle he came across a deeply wounded soldier, Arthus. Arthus had a devastating wound in his leg that would inhibit his mobility for the rest of his life. During his rehabilitation, Arthus and Canteus became fast friends. Arthus’ adventuring spirit helped Canteus realize the good that can be done while adventuring.

Because of the injuries Arthus had received in battle, Arthus and Canteus never ventured far from Elred. When the lords of Blackthorne recruited Arthus and Canteus, they were both ready to go on a long adventure. They volunteered as a pair, but a few weeks into their journeys Arthus had to return to Blackthorne. His injuries made long jouneys to painful. He found the healing fountain in Blackthorne soothing for his leg. Arthus now serves as a grizzled veteran trainer to new recruits at Blackthorne.

Canteus "The Glorious"

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