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Our adventure begins along the Wild Coast in a the thriving city of Elredd with a eclectic crew of adventuring souls all sharing a drink in The Seasprite Inn. The spirits are good and the company lively when they are approached by a Mysterious Elven lady, she claims to be an emissary from Blackthorne Keep and that the Lords of this keep have requested their aid for a most important mission. It is from her that our adventurers long journey begins. In which they are met with the mysterious name of Cyric, and strange tales about the dead cartographer Atlas Sephran.

They have recovered artifacts of great power, Countless Magic Items, fought greedy slavers, and survived deadly traps. They uncover clues of a nefarious plot, discover the ancient god Proicere, Slay deadly Ogres, face countless slavers, track down a run away son as he flees from his father Edmond Whitemantle, save the ancient Captain Chuck (Lone-wolf) Mcquade and ride upon his legendary ship, the Seasprite. All of this they do while they struggle to find their place in this world, and the purpose of their actions. This is the tale of the Agents of Blackthorne and the story they unfold.

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