The Heroes of Blackthorne

Welcome to the campaign. Some of the history and most of the adventure log can be found by following the appropriate links above. Everything I post here is general knowledge to every character, so long as they put forth the effort in reading it. If there is anything left unexplained that you want explained there is a reason for it, so in game knowledge rolls and gather information checks can be made, in which I will inform your character, and also post on your profile so the information will always be accessible.

Please add your characters and give them a history and background. You don’t need to post their Stats, however that would be nice. See what I did for Eric Dreiton’s character description for ideas if you don’t wanna post stats

I will also be using this site to handle any Role Playing that you might want to take care of out of the game. A great example is if you want your character to be studying a particular skill or lore, you would let me know here. After every Monday wherever we leave off is where you can have your characters perform certain actions. So this week since we left off in the middle of a forest surrounded by a bunch of dead bodies, your actions might be limited, but a good example might be if you want to study the ranger corpses, or investigate the bodies you guys were trying to deliver. essentially you can perform any action that does not immediately effect other character or drive the overall story forward to much. Stuff, like pick pocketing fellow player character can also be taken care of here. Additionally if there is anything you need resolved with another player character you guys can plot or talk here between and amongst each other either through posts and comments, if you want it to be public, or through personal messages if you want it to be private even from the DM. If used this can be a great tool to build character story, motivations, relationships, and dynamics. I hope this can get people more engaged in the world, their characters and give you an opportunity to help build and develop the story.

We will use the Comments tab for any non-Monday Role playing, just simply leave a comment on what your character is doing. You might also want to check the Comments to see if have posted anything new from when we last left off. I will treat anything left in the comments page as in character unless your text is in double parenthesis ((like so))

Heroes of Blackthorne Keep

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